I need a sg

i have about 200k to spend and want a sg or sf with a quick release and 3pt plays

The glide

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don’t really like clyde

What makes Clyde not likeable.

idk i just wasn’t able to do good with him, and i need more of a catch and shoot type guy

Diamond Klay.

Or Diamond Kiki. :wink:

Well, he’s my catch and shoot guy. You can try Klay, Paul George, or Devin Booker.

already have klay and devin booker is too short cause i have pd russ at pg

Diamond Durant is still nice


Use Diamond Kiki

Fast release but when you get it down he’s a walking bucket

If you’re looking for role players like Kiki, Eddie Jones is op

I was going to suggest the glide as well. but if u dont want to use that card then i would suggest diamond Gordon ( He can play 2 and 3).

If u just want a player to use only as a SG then i would suggest PD Roy.
Also diamond Kawhi is a good option.
And finally for a budget freakish card and very funny to use i would suggest you to try Ruby REX CHAPMAN.