I need a PG. Is Jonathan Isaac still worth it? Or get someone else?

Was thinking of picking up point guard Durant. Could get the set for around 800k’ish. Need a bench PG and could use a SG, but not desperate for a SG. Could just buy Cam for cheap. I could also just get Opal Lamelo Ball back for around that price. I may be able to get enough MT for G.O.A.T Magic as well.

Lamar Odom is my starting PG who so far I really love. Could move him to the bench, but don’t really see the need unless I get GOAT Magic who duos with my starting Center Kareem.

Isaac and Durant
G.O.A.T Magic
Lamelo Ball

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LaMelo and Cam.

Melo has has better sigs and Magic’s btb with a much quicker shot release. He also has better defensive tendencies. Cam gives you a quality SG. Your MT stays liquid.

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Issac also got Magic’s btb and is 6’10


Isaac is the best rim running PG in the game if you like playing that way out of your PG. I love him personally but it may be better to stay liquid at this point


Just get Lamelo. I’ve been using the PD and it’s crazy how good that card is. Isaac is nice, but his animations are garbage compared to Lamelo.


The rest of his sigs aren’t great and his shot is much slower, but he’s the better defender. Also have to lock up a lot of MT.

Lulz his animations ain’t garbo you’re day dreaming, but OK.

Compared to Lamelo they are. Love Isaac, Lamelo moves different though.

if i could go back i would get lamelo and cam > kd and isaac. have cam kd and isaac anyways so i can live without lamelo


I went out and got Durant/Isaac, and they are still super nice. My current starting and bench point guards. Isaac is an elite rim runner and defender, while KD is just so smooth all-round


Isaac is legit and you will also have kd whichis more legit


Haven’t used opal Lamelo but the PD was noticeably the best dribbler I have used. Ankles started breaking first game I used him. If I had the MT, Lamelo would probably be my choice.

EDIT: Opal Walton has been great for me. He has his shortcomings but for the price that he’s going for, he’s probably the best giant PG out there.

I havent used Isaac. I love Magic the most out of the remaining PG’s but I use Campus Legends (evo’d) since he is 1/5 th of the price and mainly the same card I would suggest you to do the same. I absoulutely love Durant as well… I love his release, love his length and everything but I play him at SG not a PG for me… And if you end up deciding on Lamelo I would suggest you to pick up PD Lamelo first and check him out before. I think Lamelo is the most polarizing card in the game. I personally hate the card but he is objectively one of the best point guards if you are comfortable with him.

Idk how this hasn’t been mentioned, but cam is SO good. He’s forced me to start him over KD. KD and Isaac still do their thing off the bench though

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I don’t feel the power tendencies on Cam when playing against him, and he is in almost every MTU lineup. He looks very OP on paper, maybe I need to try him to take conclusions.

In my opinion, GO LaMelo is the perfect PG. I have played only 12 MTU games with him, 12-0. I was getting him only for investing purposes, if not he would be my starting PG until the end/GOAT MJ goes cheap.

If your wallet is under 2M, locking more than 800k isn’t worthy if you don’t plan to buy MT.

Which player do you like the most? Go for it.

I had the goat Jordan you speak of what seems like many moons ago now , he won’t cut it lamelo is significantly better…and unless they give goat lebron those exact same sigs an like magics btb , he will remain the best pg :man_shrugging:

I have lamelo, Isaac, OOP Bron, magic, etc

Isaac is the best, no question. Lamelo is great too but Isaac is the slashing and defensive god

Isaac has been really picking things up for me lately but damn LaMelo feels like he is on another level. Tough choice between the two. Everything else equal however, I’d get Isaac because you get Durant too.