I miss being able to run point guards I like at 1

Westbrook, Rose, Davis, Wall, Iverson(yeah he’s a 2, I know), etc: I used to love running these players and it’s how I prefer to play. Now I can’t run a game of SM without seeing Giannis, Simmons, LeBron, Durant, Kawhi, George, Harden, Kobe, etc at PG. Just wondering if I’m the only one who misses the typical PG game. I was forced to join the cheese and it isn’t as fun.


I thought u loved giannis and simmons LOL. I hear u tho. Man i miss running cp3!!!

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I love winning games, but I hate that I’ve been forced to resort to straight up queso dip

me too, i was running Mark Price for a while, then i start seeing PD James at the 1 so hes out of my lineup…lol… Rondo is one of my fav player but i cant even use him.

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It’s really sad. 2K needs to make stats go down for players who are out of position similar to Madden.

I run them anyway. I switch matchups though. Most of these guys can guard 2’s well enough.


Honestly, if you just do it you may be surprised. I have an all Sixers squad I use sometimes, and AI causes some serious damage.

Hey @ljk006 you can always sell you’re team then sell your mt to me

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I felt like even with the matchup switch, whoever I hid Nash on, clipped at a higher rate…I’m sure it’s cause of the shot contest, but it just wasn’t worth the headache…almost like handicapping yourself when you have a true pg out there

Yeah I’ve never tried to run Nash, but someone like Jerry West holds his own and does damage out there for me.

Sent you a pm lol

Dude im first in line ive been on him for his mt LOL

Have at it broski i already picked up some

I mis read and thought you said give. Not sell haha. Who you picking mt up for ?

pd kd
pd george
pd ben simmons with shoe

He has been up until today. Pg and Tmac galore. Entire lineups of SF’s just can’t hide him. Game has gotten beyond aids lately. Ps4 is a 5 out fest literally my last 10/12 opponents have all been 5 out pussies.

Pd ben is a monster dude. I got him via locker code. Hes my end game pg without a doubt working on getting pg. But man youll LOVe ben. Hes a fuckin glitch lol

yup ive been playn him at center when i grind for the dude im 25-0 lol

Wall can hold his own and lock down those guys man. I get your point, but you don’t need to drop wall to compete. I haven’t run Westbrook, but I would imagine the same is true for him. Don’t fight cheese with cheese.

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I tried him a bit at c. Ill try again later. Felt weird him at the 1 is where i like him. I hate seeing giannis at the 5. Hes so good there lol