I might retire from 2k

I just allow team sap giannis diamond westbrook ben wallace hakeem beat me. Came back end playing with me up 17 one point. Sap giannis bully ralph. It hit rock botton. Im geting off sad after lost

Carlo no quit


I mean if you DID quit you’d stand to gain a couple hundo from all that MT you have.

But don’t quit, the game isn’t the same w/o you and your uh… eccentricities.

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Can I get a definition for eccentricities

Carlo n spil gud

vry funneh

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Wtf does sap mean. But tbh thats the best English from carlo so far

Can I also get it in a sentence

Carlo haf electricity


Sapfire giannis

That lost was embarsssing he flopping near end …

I like the new profile pic Carlo

Stop shooting so many 3s and next time switch giannis on giannis


Love it to capture reaction L and yu perfectly… ;(

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Couldnt use all pause

Reset that streak son

What streal… streak desd

Sorry to hear RIP


You can do it in the timeout menu , you can also do it while pressing LB on defense hit the opponents Giannis and switch matchup

Could of think in ralph could guard sap giannis csuse didnt feel like it.after this shiw ralph weak link

Sapfire :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: