I’m Spilling the Beans

Fuck it man I’m putting everybody on right now. I have so many DMs the site is lagging :joy::joy::joy:

Site is Mmorog.com (use code Joy for 6% off at checkout)

EDIT - MMOROG IS BACKED UP AT THE MOMENT, use the link below. It’s cheaper and reliable as well

safenbamt.com has cheaper prices than MMOROG right now if you need another site to use.

I bought 300k for like $20 this morning and no cap my order was completed in 2 minutes I was absolutely shocked.

BUY THIS SHIT UP AND SIT ON IT BEFORE PRICES SKYROCKET. PS4 is $6.79/100k and Xbox is $10/100k

  • Proof for those who need it, after you use PayPal to pay, it won’t redirect you or send a confirmation email. Just wait a little bit and they’ll get your shit

  • I’m not a fucking sponsor, I get nothing out of this except for screwing MT sellers here and putting y’all on. If I end up dead, the mt sellers here did that shit.

  • Yes there are multiple sites like this, but this is the fastest one I’ve used and I don’t want yall to get screwed over by paying $16 for 100k on here lol


PS always winning


Ima have to close this shit soon lol they on my ass

Get it while you can


Fax, but 1 mil for $100 in September even on Xbox is a huge W lol.

Wish I knew this this morning, could have got me 200k for the $20 I dropped instead of a bunch of emeralds.

Your gonna get killed

Already am :muscle:t5: Gotta look out for the 2kg fam first tho


holy shit bruh this is a massive W. please hold this W king.


Too risky for me

ill risk $8 to see if this will save me hella $ in the long run lol

It’s legit. Already have had multiple people in my dms confirm it was done for them in 10 min tops

$20 for Cousy is kind of tempting


ill be trying it soon if yall want i can confirm my upcoming experience

Rod doing God’s work


Smh I’m at work, you guys better not drive the prices up the next 4 hours lol

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WOW this is a gem post. Get yo coins while they cheap af. geeeez. Tempting me to get back into myteam. Could sit on 1 mil all year until next gen players drop.

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You guys are gonna drive up the prices now hahaha

Already copped millions tho… :eyes:


It’s surprisingly easy to boost for MT this year, so the bots are likely having a field day.

I wouldn’t be surprised if prices stay low until 2K comes with the bans.

If anyone posts my plug imma get real heated with ya’ll just sayin :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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daaaammmnniiit rod now prices will be high before i get home :rofl:


Again, they WILL not send you a confirmation email. They work pretty quick so it should be bought within 20 min

If y’all really want to thank me leave a like lol