I’m so excited

… And I just can’t hide it.

I’m sitting on around 1.8 mil MT and hope it will be enough for PD Giannis, who will of course be the PG in a 5 out play.

Dark side of the force, here we come.

It’s time to heal some wounds till the end of the game.

I’ve got 2m and I will sell pd magic for a pd lebron. I think pd lebron is going to be harder to guard in a 5 out considering he will have limitless and dimer

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Not bad at all


Guys, such cancerous talk!


sitting @ a solid 6k


I’m just saying. If a person decides to 5 out with pd LeBron at any position it’s a gg. Especially at pg or center

I don’t know if I’d say PD Giannis will definitively be the best player in the game, depend what they make his 3-pointer. LeBron and KD both put up good arguments against him.

Let’s combat the 5 out when we see it. Not be the ones to lead it.


He’s a 28% career 3 pt shooter, so I’m pretty sure he’ll get an 85-90 judging 2k’s track record lol

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If this will be true than 2k will lose their last bit of credibility

They pretty much already have with this years cards, unfortunately. Either accept it as an arcade mode and enjoy the ooh’s and ah’s, or don’t and be miserable lol. It’s still hella fun.

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Ralph Sampson got a 82 3-pointer being a career 17% 3-point shooter. I think Giannis gets a 88-94.

This post is fucking terminal just like my uncle. Kind of fucked up, but he has a sense of humor so why can’t I?

Seriously though, it is consistent postings like this one which make me wish it was already September so I could buy a disc copy of 2K19, and take it to Ronnie2K and ninja-star his greasy-ass fucking hair off in front of his boyfriend.


sitting at 90k…hoping Ruby Issac can stop him at PG!

I’m thinking of putting the admiral on PD Giannis. I have Magic at point so swapping him over to a center on a 5 out would have zero consequence. Not sure how that would translate but HOF D stopper and Hof Rim Protecter with that 7’1 frame and lateral quickness.

Edit: I don’t have a diamond shoe on him but I will make sure he always has one that boosts his lateral quickness lol

PD Giannis at PG in 5 OUT makes MyTeam more like Super Smash Bros than basketball

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Hopefully, most of these 5-out goons won’t be able to afford PD Giannis.

PD Giannis would be my new smallball Center (like he plays for some stretches irl). Even more dangerous than at PG imo.


Artest on giannis sounds interesting

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I pulled some red kyries this week, sitting there questioning who to put them on, then I see it… pd Greek coming… imagine the profit I could make if he was pullable lol

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