I’m Glad 2K Took Your PD LeBron Away

We didn’t deserve it. Good on them for correcting their mistake.


Let the party begin

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Weird flex but okay


In before lock

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So did everyone get drunk last night and now they’re just bitching this morning?


I can’t lie I agree with my best friend @Awanz ͏way to many people had it. I was already tired of seeing it.

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Y’all should be compensated for shoes and contracts tho. I had him to but I didn’t add anything to him.


If they took it, should be done within minutes, not more then half day when people sold their brons for cheap, put extras on their new Bron.

Otherwise big compensation should been issued.

Fixed it.

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glad i didnt put some infinite shoes or contracts. it would’nt feel so good lol

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This the thread i been waiting on

I want my badges, contract, and foamposites back then. They are in the wrong for allowing a code such as this to have unlimited use and no limitations. Poor programming / developing or what have you.

You’d think that a company that takes in 10’s of millions of dollars a year in near cost-less revenue from micro transactions could at least make this PD LeBron code mirror that of the Ruby action figure codes.

  • my best friend


Nah you should get your shit back for sure

Wonder what would be Awanz take when he had one of diamond Brons as his best player sold him cheap when put all that MT on shoe, badges and shit on PD Bron.

Everyone got a hot take today it seems.

image https://media1.giphy.com/media/kaq6GnxDlJaBq/giphy.gif?cid=19f5b51a5c23d5c37333686363380fa0

Who cares. He wasn’t even that good of a card. You guys are acting like he was some god card. He was decent at best.


Ban this man @DEG it’s my only wish. Just make it a 2 day one.

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