I’m back with it! 98 Lakers playbook guide


Great breakdown… got playbook and will try the below plays while grinding out DOM

98 Fist 15 Side
98 Punch 5 Fist
98 Fist 14
98 Fist 25
98 ISO 2 Quick
98 Quick 2


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On next gen with it you love to see it. Good shit Ill try this out.


The next gen 2k is way different to me . You don’t really need long drawn out complicated plays. And with how common posters are simple pick and roll should go a long way (just like irl)

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One and only bump

Anyone know which colour the 98 playbook is in myteam?

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Thx for the heads up Rjazz. Thx for the breakdown Kingtythe2nd. Nice actions and you don’t have to wait around forever for them to start.

I noticed there are two gold playbooks for anyone else who are checking this out. It’s the one with 18 total plays. The one with 32 plays has late 80’s and early 90’s labelled plays.

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