I’m back into 2k23

But my god why is shooting so hard, got the game 3 days ago, pulled some packs, got a good starting 5, 4 opals, 1 DM, but I can’t hit a shot to save my life, movement is different too, I need help, this shot timing release timing, what’s the best setting for that, is this a year where you need the shot meter, shooting feels slower then last year but hard, it’s like they took shooting from the beginning of 2k21 and the defense of 2k20, or maybe I’m just trash right now lol, I’ve only been playing TTOnline

Would start with shooting on late. Try semipro first and move up. Good shooters that I like to use early include PD Artest and Amylest Dumars. Dell Curry and Mullins from Galactic Challenge also good to start out with.

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To me, shooting in 2K23 is also very different from the previous games. It’s basically green or miss now. And the shot meter must be turned off. ‘Cause it’s only distracting and not helping at all.

When I shot with the meter on, I had to control so many factors: that damn meter (affected by unpredictable online delays), players’ shooting form and my muscle memory. It was exhausting, inconsistent and ineffective.

It kinda reminds me a fishing mini-game in Hades. I used to watch the blobber, and hook it once the blobber has fully submerged. And I was always late somehow, I could never get a perfect catch. Then I found a tutorial on YouTube that taught me: don’t watch the blobber, cover it with your thumb, and wait for the white flash. And that was it. From that moment on it was perfect catch after perfect catch!

The same thing with the shot meter. You don’t need it. Watch the player’s shooting form, learn it, and wait for when the player is ready to release the ball. Different players have different releases, so try to find shooters you’re comfortable with.

As for the muscle memory. Sometimes you might see that your player is ready to shoot but you need to hold the button for a little longer. How much longer – depends on your settings: early, late, etc. Try switching from late to early, and maybe you don’t need to wait for too long, and the shooting becomes smoother.

Also, you need to get used to various factors that affect release timing. For example, if your players are tired, they start to shoot slower; off the catch shots are 33% faster, iirc; contested shots are 6-9% (something like that) faster; moving shots, loadups, etc.


What is the location of the YouTube video that you mentioned? Would love to get better without the meter.

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that was a Hades video :smiley:


Shooting has a learning curve this year, for sure. For starters, it’s the first year where the release timing for every player changes throughout the game based on shot type, fatigue, defensive coverage, how the shooter catches the ball, etc… it’s not consistent like past years. The green or miss thing is tough sometimes, but it will ultimately make you a better player when it clicks for you. This is one of the first 2K’s I’d recommend playing offline for a while to get used to the mechanics before jumping online where everyone has a head start on knowing the shooting mechanics.