I’m 11-0 Up by 20 in the fourth and the guy is letting his timer run..Started all Bronze Players

Is there any type of glitch I should be aware of that wouldn’t give me the win if I accept the win?


I’m sitting here refreshing his timer because I’m scared to accept the concede.

No bro, you should be good but if it glitches, dont blame me lol

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Had all pink diamond reserves.

He must be doing this for a reason. Ive reset the timer like 8 times.

he probably lost at 10-0 or something and is just taking the L’s so he gets the rewards bro. youre good

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Here goes nothing. He said he was 11-0 and would give me a prize if I quit.

Yes. He can glitch you. How i don’t know but sometimes bitches in tto do it this with me. And when i quit i get lose. Glitch f game

lollll hell no. I had some dude offer me 150k MT last month you cant trust sweaties in ultimate theyll do anything

That’s what I’m thinking of. I haven’t had it happen in MTU, but I’m wondering if his bronze starters and pink diamond reserves don’t do something.

I’m praying for you bro

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Accept the dub. I’ve quit plenty of times and gotten the W

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I got flash paused her hit the game tying shot with .3 seconds. Too bad he used up all his pauses. I took the dub


Well I’ll record it and if there’s a glitch we’re about to find out.

Would be a bitch to lose at 11-0 like this after I got a loss while searching at 11-0 on Monday.

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its me bro, hurry up and quit that way the glitch works good. Hakeem is waiting

I got the win. I was wondering if it wasn’t you. U had an LA pic up for awhile. I got him. Should have just let me know lol.

lmao nah thats not me im just pulling your leg man

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