I loved lebron to LA at first

Not now lol, im east coast, these 1030 starts some butt, im old, i dont make it til 1am anymore


Dont watch it then.

And I can assure you that it aint as bad as 4:30am starts.


4:30am? Where u at

Yah bruh, all games start night time in EU. In Dublin i get earliest games at 12:00 and latest ones are like 3:30, i think. With Sunday exceptions obviously.


Europe. As Knezius said, but I am +1, so 1:00 latest, 4:30am west. Sundays are awesome.

Ya west coast is the best for watching sports, games from 4 till 10

League pass is the way forward for Europe guys, I stream them on demand the next day

4:30 is the worst.
You need to go to work and they playing a overtime.

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I have League Pass, but some game just taste better when watching live.
Next day I’m watching other game😃

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Yeah i was watching warriors Jazz today. It was 7am when i went to bed XD