I love this MyTeam but cmon bro

I literally can not believe this game sometimes, I love this years MyTeam but bruh… 8-0 feeling confident as ever. Hop into the game and problems start already. First problem into the game, playbook glitch of course. Problem 2 quick substitution issue . Problem 3, 32 of 46 of my points literally came from points in the paint. since for some odd ass reason Diamond Igoudala, Jamal Mashburn and Rob Strickland all with 90+ mid range can not make a wide open shot for anything. AND DON’T GET ME STARTED ON THE CPU REACHING IN RANDOMLY EVERY SINGLE TIME I DON’T NEED A STEAL. I had my game plan all planed out, since the guy only did pick and rolls the whole game, just to just to get shit on by quinn cook and brook lopez ( Who shouldn’t even be playing suck good pick and roll defense on a diamond kareem). I apologize for ranting, but i just can’t believe the open wide shots I missed which led to me loosing the game.

I want that pink diamond manu so bad, but if I have to play another game where it’s like the game I just played then I just can’t anymore. If anyone has pick and roll defense tips please tell me. I’m tired of knowing what someone is going to do every possession just for the CPU to act stupid and screw me over

Well, first off… you will definitely have a lot more games like that lol. But as far as coving the P&R, you have to switch to off ball for a second to place your helper on the man you want him to cover before switching back to on ball. I like to run switch all, but go over on picks seems to be the most popular method.

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just say f it and hit up my boy @OGxSuave


Once Dr.J is the reward, I think I’m going to say fuck it and outsource. I need him for my Sixers team, but do not have the time or patience to make a 12-0 run.


If you don’t like the cpu doing dumb shit turn off the coaching engine

That doesn’t really seem to make a tangible difference, I always have it off and my guys are just as dumbshit when the EQ hits.

Just checked and it was already off smh

I second this lmao I’ll get you in in a day


Same here. I’ll make legitimate attempts for Hakeem and Dr. J, but that’s it. I have way too many things to do in life besides watching the servers destroy half my win streaks time after time. I don’t mind having a streak snapped by a better player, but I’m too jaded from the disconnects lol. I’ll pay someone for those two if I can’t do it myself, but at the same time, I might be fine playing Red Dead exclusively by that point too lol.

i… just got to chapter 3 lol

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Yeah, if it’s not a disconnect it’ll be the equalizer.

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Best way to stop Pick & Roll is to use zone defense

Yeah, how could I forget about that too :joy: