I Love Shaq

What a dominant card. He’s everything I thought he would be and more. He’s unguardable and is a clamp on defense. What a great card

Thanks for reading.


Not worth 250k tho

Absolutely worth 250k. That’s a bargain. I would pay 350 for him.

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Where is @DaNali lol :wink:


Do you just drop step with him? I’m having trouble getting used to using him with no post fadeaway to use.

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No way when you already have Mutombo and maybe Hakeem too.

I think that 180-200k would be a fair price

The lack of that HoF drop step alone means like minimum 50k less

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Can confirm Shaqtus is a god.

Animations and having the fattest character model > One hof badge you might think matters.


HOF dropstep is useless. Gold is good enough. No post badge is OP until takeover. So gold is good enough.

Have Hakeem and Mutombo and take him all day on top lol.

Hakeem at PF and Shaq at C is crazy

SHAQ is a monster! I had so much fun playing with him last night. He’s so powerful :muscle:t4:

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Drop step. Post spin. Dribble drive. Iso. Everything. He does everything. His iso game is foolish.

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My favorite is the snag the offensive rebound to the and 1 poster.

He does this about 4x a game.

Albeit i only played 5 games vs my buddies in friendlies. But they are really good, and Shaq was dropping them off.

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Oh yea he’s the best rebounder on the game

I posted in the other thread, but any idea how to get post scoring takeover?

He doesn’t exactly need it. I just really love that takeover and it always wins me games.

Just slap an adidas on him. I’m keeping mine as a rim protector.

The purple kyrie is so op though for him.

Might just have to stick with that. With D’antoni does he get slasher you think?

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Good question. I wouldn’t mind having slasher

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Would it be wiser to make him better overall with Kyrie 4 PEs and Glass Cleaner/Rim Protector or give him Post Scorer Takeover with the Adidas?

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White & black adidas superstar with d’antoni gives him post scorer and slasher. OP as hell