I Love Playing in Lag

Man I love playing through lag. Not even blaming 2k and their servers, but most likely my ISP this time. Anyway, lag that is out of my control is just great, especially when you’re a pretty decent 2k player and normally make the PD, but your opponents beat you by 10 every game this season just because it comes down to luck trying to play defense through lag. Then to make it better, your opponents flop, pause cheese, and message you that your trash because they can dunk on you everytime or “cross” you every possession and think they’re gods.

RIP Porzingis dream and thank you ISP. :slight_smile:

I got lagged into a loss earlier today. Lost 139 points. After a 7 game winning streak that yielded me about 215 points. :joy:

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I am so sorry! Luckily my last 3 losses have been -40 -15 (yes -15!!!) and -52

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Dude the lag is SOOOOOOO BAD this round…

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Yup :slight_smile:

I am less than 100 points from Diamond and every game I win is 54 points. Every loss is -125 or more. I hate this. :frowning:

Disgustingly bad. Like cant count how many times ive raged and wanted to break my controller cuz 2k cant make a server good enough to run a damn game properly. They make so much money off of us and cant supply us with a working server. Almost as salty about this as i am about this game one loss tonight lol