I love my 99ovr kobe but

Dude has no plays!!!

He’s garbage because he has no plays. Mine had 99 ovr 3s w/ shoe and still shot under 40% from 3. Meanwhile Kawhi is a god.

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Kawhi doesn’t have 3pt plays either right? I never used the diamond only Amy Kawhi but his shot is so slow and Kobe’s feels much better to me

Forreal same. Dude has no plays man… i love when opponents trash and i can blow by fade or dunk but thats it

Nope. He has pnr wing and handoffs

Kawhi needs no plays. Kobe is supposed a first offensive option.

How do you score with Kawhi? I’m thinking of replacing Kobe with him so just curious

He just runs the floor and dunks or goes to the 3 point line. CONSISTENTLY. I average 10/game with him and he shoots 50% from 3. Plus he clamps hard. Way better than Kobe.

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Wait you have the pink diamond or the 98 with a shoe?

PnR wing is awesome. Guard postups are also some nice options. Plus he has iso plays.

98 with shoe makes him 99

97 with the right shoe also becomes 99. Off topic a bit but I noticed that when I have amy PG13 with red Kyries, his overall in practice is 93 with a red -1 shown. Meanwhile amy PG13 with grey/yellow Kobe’s is 94 and has no + or -. I tested both with the same coach - ruby Carlisle.
Why is that? I mean the Kyries seem to boost more overall stats.

I’ve noticed the same thing using cards with certain shoe boosts. My theory is that certain attributes change their compatibility with certain coaches. When I first tried 97 Kobe with grey and yellow shoes I noticed negatives that weren’t there on the base card (in shoot around with certain coaches). I suspect that attribute changes shift how they would be used in a given coaching system to play to their strengths and weaknesses. For instance, I suspect Kobe with 95 vs 86 BC (along with increased speed with ball) is a much greater threat to drive to the rim rather than shoot from midrange. Therefore I’m assuming it will also change his compatibility with certain coaching systems. I remember early in the cycle that Sapphire Curry’s system proficiency rating changed when he had diamond curry shoes, which I also attribute to the change in specific stats.

But these changes don’t matter in Supermax?

Not from what I’ve heard. I just notice them offline.

Run fist 51 hawk. 76ers. Runs through your pg. Your sf runs off an off ball screen to the 3 pt line. Its the second cheesiest play in the 76ers playbook lol

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Fist horns alley and fist sts are both pnr plays that you can run from kawhi. Good plays to make the defence make decisions whether to help or not.

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