I know some people hate on Westbrook but

I know some people hate on Westbrook but

You have to respect what he’s doing. He’s been playing at an MVP level the past month and a half and he’s not getting enough credit for it. That is all


He played good for a month in the regular season . What do you want from us smithy.

But honestly I like Westbrook never got the overwhelming vitriol surrounding him


To respect him, cause everyone always says he has horrible basketball IQ and decision making on the court but he’s been playing much more smart this season and playing to his strengths


Russ is amazing. I’ve always loved the energy he plays with, but I’ve always questioned his decision making with the ball in his hand. He does a lot of bone head things. Russ is going to go down as one of the greatest point guards of all time when he retires though. Can’t hate on Brodie.


The energy he brings every night playing at 110% is just unreal man, idk how he does it

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Russell will be one of the best pgs to never win a chip. Right there with Steve Nash and cp3

Rockets got like best squad WB could dream off. Shooters all the way thru, no one can stop him. His been clear cut best Rockets player for that stretch.

It’s just his mentality. Russ is probably one of the most prideful players I’ve ever seen. He leaves it all on the court and never gives up, but sometimes it’s his flaw. He can easily get tricked into a 3point contest bcuz of his ego like he was in last year in the playoffs vs Dame. Russ can’t shoot. It didn’t go well.

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He still has time to win a ring

I think he plays to win so I hope he wins a ring but he’s just gotta play smarter and I think he’s getting there with age.

With who ?

I feel he is my idol bc I want to be player like him short dude can hella rebound I like that but I hate him alot

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“Bish Ima ball and dunk on whoever I feel like Russell Westbrook”

Russ could be so much better, but he only trusts himself, so he makes questionable decisions with the ball. And he probably has too much confidence in his shooting ability, which is average. Great slasher though, and a bulldog on the court. Just that chip on his shoulder that gives him an edge also cuts the other way by making him stubborn.

Bestbrook is amazing.

Worstbrook loses games being a bonehead.

Hated him on OKC. Kinda like him on my team.

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WeatBrick and Hardhed


ima big westrbook hater and ill admit those stats are nice and he has been playing much better

him in 5 out is almost unguardable

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Harden been in a slump lately. Need him to bounce back soon

Problem with Westbrook is that he plays too much for his stats so often forgets abt the rest of the team except when for an assist… He plays iso all along and keeps the ball for himself.

Harden is the same so you got basically two selfish players on the same team. Pretty sure some of their teammates do not touch a single ball sometimes all game lol