I know I’m not the only one who does this

Instead of closing my tabs or using the same tab I just open another. This leads to me having tabs open from weeks ago shit is crazy.

Y’all do this too?


yeah this is me i had 40 tabs open last week at one point

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One time I had a tab from like 2 months ago still open

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Nope I close tabs before I’m done with them often


Even the thing on iPhone where you look at your home screen tabs

yes that too lol

I just closed 44open apps

Sheesh let me check how many I have

Wifey does this and it drives me MODDDD

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34 for me lmao

I have add i tend to jump from thing to thing

I just cleared my phone soon as i got to work and I’m back at 16 tabs already lol

I use the app for 2KG, so no tabs.


Fuck i wish they had one for IPhone

@2KGamer tick tock lol


Do this g it functions the same as an app would


I’ve had this article in a tab for so long I don’t even remember, gotta be since close to when I got my phone and that was almost a year ago

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No joke, I legit counted counted how many tabs I have open on my phone and it’s easily over 150.

This can’t be right, I have to recount

Edit: Yeah I lost track with counting, but I have 100+ tabs open whoops

2 things. how did you get to that screen, and charge your phone

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i’m pretty good about not doing this, but my wife has a PhD in it


I don’t think internet tabs have any effect on the performance or battery of a device, but having everything cleared is satisfying.

You’re not alone. I’ve reach the tab limit many times and have like 200 tabs currently.