I know everyone is down on PD Kawhi

and I know not EVERYONE loved the promo PD Lebron that was stolen in the middle of the night. But I think a lot of people (myself included) did like that Lebron card.

But check out how similar this Kawhi card is to that PD Lebron. Clearly not exactly the same, but for my gameplay, I don’t know that I’ll notice a ton of difference.

If 2K added a Diamond Open Shot 3 for Jordan people would be more open to the Kawhi card


That is fair. I forgot he was Jordan. I think I put Kyries or red kobes on PD Lebron. but his open 3 is a bit better already

this moments card can wear any brand

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oh nice. thanks for the clarification. annnnnddddd now I’m back in lol

Kawhi recently signed with new balance which opens him up in our game to wear any shoe brand since there is no deal in place for new balance


Who compares players on MTDB? Savage.


Ha! Here ya go. Something for everyone!

I saw a kawhi card with Kobe Ad Mid White


If I decide to keep Kawhi (picked one up w/ a diamond contract for 100K), I’m leaning towards that white kobe shoe for the 3pt rating. Only thing that bothers me is that all the other boosts on all the open 3 pt shoes are kinda wasted on him. His stats are either so high already or too low for +5 to really matter at all.

I picked Kawhi up with a Diamond contract and the white Kobe AD shoe for 140k, which wasn’t too bad a deal.

That shoe is a great boost for him @AnotherSmith, not sure why you think anything is wasted.

+5 Ball control, from 86 to 91.
+5 Post fade, from 93 to 98.
+5 Acceleration, from 86 to 91.
+5 3 PT open, from 70 to 75, and then up to 79 with a coach.
+5 Steal, from 60 to 65, probably the least useful boost, but definitely not a waste, especially since those other boosts are so good and useful. His steal rating seems higher than that anyway, especially because his arms are long.


Those are good points. “Waste” is def not the right way to put it. I guess my biggest issue (it is this way for a lot of players w/ me), I’d really love to boost open3 AND SWB. (Impossible w/ Diamond shoe) I’m basically either gonna go White Kobe Mid or White/Pink Adidas Superstar:

White/Pink Adidas:
+5 Pass Vision
+5 +5 Post Fade
+5 Mid Contested
+5 SWB
+5 Steal

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@raptorsbenchmob kindly disagrees

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i feel like his steal rating isn’t on par w what he actually does online. really a lot better than i expected. consistent shooter after being badged up. i’m for sure keeping

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I get your point but I got him stole off me by 2k then watched all these noobs get two pink diamonds that prolly don’t play no more. Then tell me I’m not qualified. Fuck that kawhi leonard

Pd kawhi is a beast. And to think this is just his first moments card. Wait till they get juicy with him

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I can clearly say this card can hit any 3, pd Hill can hit. Green rate is amazing.

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He can hit the same 3’s… but Hill hits them consistently lol. Kawhi couldn’t hit a three for me in a Grand Canyon sized hoop to save his life, except in Weeklies. It was a badged up Kawhi with white Kobes too.

11th guy. Put him up on Hedo, post him up all game with pink adidas shoes.

Huh? What are you saying?