I know 2kg already had a team up. But anyone trying to run team up on Xbox?

Xbox allstar teamup

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im in

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Whats your gt?

Cheesy Panda 52

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We are doing it for xbox this wednesday at 730pm too!

Unless you just meant you’re trying to run one today.

I’d be down if we can get 10 xbox guys on today to run some friendlies of team up.

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I didnt know that thanks for letting me know. I was trying to get one now. If you want. @jc9288

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Yeah I’m not online right now, but I can get on for sure if we get 10 guys that feel like running.

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Drop your gt rq

@Clarke_Griffin I added you

What time?

If y’all wait an hour or so I’m in


I’m around for the day, so anytime works for me.

My GT is jc9289

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Xbox boys, anyone trying to run an all star team up friendly game today?

@OGxSuave @Shamslol @thePre2 @YuBuuBuu @nba2kpdx @cheddarbob @Dmvr @PopThieve @raptorsbenchmob @Delano_23

I can only @ 10 people at a time, but I know we got tons of xbox guys that know how to play pro-am style of play.

Dont know what all star team up is, but Ill do it.

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Bet we can get thing poppin

@508G37 @star5CR34M @Carlo221 @dnttalktomeh @CallMeGit @vFade @bobbybobby320

I’m sure I’m still forgetting plenty

It’s like pro-am walk on. But instead of using a mycareer player, you pick a NBA current or all time great player.

10 players, 5 on 5, everyone plays a position.


how do you set this up? i want to do it for my own, but every time i choose all star team up its just the all star teams

Shit I’m actually pretty busy today but I’m in for the future for sure if y’all run it again soon.

Yes, I do user 04 Ben Wallace.