I just want to say this is the best 2k group of them all

I’m not gonna lie this group is my 2k home. One that is mostly myteam but yet isn’t negative towards the mycareer players. I just wanted to see if it’s ok for me to start sending well trusted users from the other group I’m in that’s particularly on Facebook where many people are scammers, and the mods do whatever they want without providing a reason. I got booted out and then when someone noticed I was gone I was let back in. I didn’t even know and wasn’t provided with any reason besides I got trolled!! So I appreciate the structure that you have and displayed in tough times. Keep up the good work.


I second this. Y’all are my family and brothers.


Also is it ok to send some people this way? I’ll only send the ones I can vouch for so I wouldn’t be openly promoting this site because of the potential for attracting roaches(cough) aka scammers


All the people here for the most part are really welcoming tbh. It’s rare to have this many mannered people in one spot.
Props to everyone here and to the mods especially for keeping this site up for us.

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Aye bro I can get this market jumping and they’ll post and be all around active members of the community here. I’ve been keeping this place on the hush. But some dudes are 2kgamer material for real.

Mods have to set the tone with out it being a free for all of authority and that’s the only way you get this mostly non toxic mini-community from the huge deathly toxic community 2k is as a whole. I just want a little more mycareer activity but I don’t have any problem with the fb group for career like I do with myteam

Alright bend over, take a deep breath, and prepare your ass for the 2kg brand


Did it hurt? I just can’t do it man but I’m sure you can inform the others of the pain you felt.

Don’t hurt too bad. Just like getting a tattoo

It would be very cool if there were more MyPlayer folks here.

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