I just saw a Magic Johnson sell for 572,100 on XBONE

Crazy man, no diamond shoe or contract. It’s all about timing when selling. My luck lately is I sold Magic on a Saturday night last week and he only sold for 238k. He was badged up and had Diamond Shoe and Contract. Then I sold my Petrovic for 166K, while others an hour later sold for 220k. Anyone else have my kind of luck and then have sellers remorse after? lol

Hey man join get our 2k league

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I just did the search again and now it is saying the auction ended at 761,650! What in the hell???


MT transfer…?


Crazy, is that what people do for transferring MT?

I don’t think so. Sometimes the market is a strange place. My diamond Klay only sold for 303k with diamond shoe and contract but my Kareem went for 412k the other day.

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2k b lurkin

dude I had a Kerr go for 100k on Saturday. you just never know.

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Market is pretty dry right now.

Just sold my Kobe with all the best on him for 312k last night. Thank you Hedo Turkolu.

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If I can get 700K for Magic ill sell him tonight.


I put my Kobe with diamond shoe and contract up so I’m hoping for at least 250k. Lol. My luck he sells for 180k

I wish I could have gotten your Klay lol

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Yeah that Klay broke my heart. Every other one without shoe was going for 400k and up and somehow mines sales for a measly 303k

Seriously? I sold LeBron, Kobe, Shaq and Kareem last night and told myself Magic would be the one guy I’ll keep for now, but if he’s going for 700k… later Magic!

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Ouch yeah, that hurts. I felt the same when my Magic went for 238k. Then the next day it was like 320k. Then I found myself continuing to check on his sale price just to torture myself. lol

Dang that’s even worse than my sale. I feel your pain man.

Bruh my badged out diamond shoe and contract limited Kareem went for 172k Thursday night. It ended around 8 pm but I posted it right before the giannis announcment so I’m sure that killed it

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Damn I got over 400k for him … yeah u just never know. Plus I was able to buy back at 190k

Damn that’s a nice 200k profit