I just pulled KAT

1 pack only lol. Should i lock the set ? Have mt for the rest :slight_smile:

I have to say no… don’t lock. Sell and save the MT. KAT will go down a bit over the next week you could even buy him back if you specifically wanted him

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Same here (not 1 pack but still), should I do it?

I realized very few in the ah and wanted to open a pack thinking i might have a better chance…boom !

congrats dude

The set is definitely dropping. PP is going for ~260k today. Hold out a tad longer.

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That’s awesome. Maybe run him a bit see how he plays but sell him today

Thats why i opened the thread actually. Im n1 pd Garnett enemy in the forum but ive the most expensive part of it now and Pierce is cheaper but there are only 2 joes in ah :joy:

I missed 3 KAT snipes in the last 3 days, a real tragedy. If I grabbed a second I would have locked him in, if not I would have sold the 1 I sniped and waited to see what rolls out in the future.

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Ive 2m already :slight_smile:

I’m just super stingy lol, I’m sitting on 1.4m

Nah im not selling for a while he seems good in freestyle. Nice animations and fast with ball.

You lucky son of a… In that case I would do it.

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I criticised kg too much all around the forum and this is 2ks answer to me seriously.

Sent him to Ah. Nice card but 500k is nicer. 98 contracts fully badged incl Dimer :slight_smile: