I just played skipptoomylou

I just played him and idk how i got matched with him but he is a offballer thoughts?

in my opinion pro players should play straight onball


2KLeague is garbage. I watched like one game last year and was embarrassed for them.

a lot of pros offball


Straight offball and onball are both ass compared to someone who switches to on and offball dynamically


On ball off ball. Let people play how they play. If you can beat Domination off ball is a non issue.


he is trash opals isnt an excuse but offballin with them is different😂

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Did u win?

I can never win an argument the community is so use to offballin its crazy

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no lost by 6

gg that’s a good performance considering he made it to the final :trophy:

Preciate that

He won the 250k tournament. He plays the press/bait/jump passing lanes defense in MTU.

Was more onball in the tourney against the known comp.

yeah he baited me a couple of times

I’m 3-0 against him this year, he plays the same way everyone else at that level plays.

Mixing up on-ball/off-ball and playing passing lanes is the best way to play defense, nobody seriously trying to win is going to play on-ball the whole game.


no balls😂

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His 250k in the bank don’t care if he’s on or off balling he took the bag. None of us should be telling him how to play D


Obviously different when the lights are on, but I do hope 2k comes up with a better qualifier system next year that values skill over luck.

No disrespect to him, he won. I just want to see what the results would be like in a straight skill based qualifier.

This game isn’t meant to be played pure onball, anyone who thinks that is making up rules for themselves based on literally nothing.

Actively playing passing lanes and baiting is still doing something, requiring stickwork and IQ.


I have no issues with it. That how majority of the community plays so why should they play different.


well im 15 and i play off real life iq and this is my first year taking myteam serious so you guys probably have way more experience with 2k myteam but thanks for you all’s opinions