I just noticed why everyone didn't like diamond curry

I thought it was some glitch, why tf is diamond curry’s stamina lower than the amethyst??? It makes him less consistent.

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No thats not it. People dont like him because there is nothing special about him. His shooting is no better than anyone elses. If it is the difference is very slim. Why not use Lebron or Harden at PG? They have better defense and size. 2k has made special players worthless. Why use a Kevin Love when Hakeem shoots just as good?


When talking MT with friends lately I find myself saying… “he is Curry with a dunk/height/defense/post game etc” ALOT.

Tmac is 6’8" with 98s across the board shooting. Why on Earth use Curry? That’s just 1 glaring example.

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His Diamond reminds me of last year’s Boobie Gibson Ruby card lol

Yeah, he’s not special like he has been in years past. There were years in which his high 90’s 3pt ratings were special, as were his HoF shooting badges. As well as his “hard coded” deep range. As well as his quick release. As well as his dribbling animations/ball handling.

In 2K17, the only guys with HoF Deep Deadeye, Limitless, and Difficult Shots were the prime versions of Curry, Bird, Durant, Maravich, Billups, and J.R. Smith. At the moment, in 2K18, there’s 14 cards with that triple HoF badge combo.

Last year, 5 of those 6 had 86+ Ball Control. This year, all 14 of the guys with the HoF combo have 86+ BC.

Last year, out of those 5 with the HoF and BC Combo, only KD and JR could be considered very good dunkers.

This year, out of the pool of 14, you have Harden, Kawhi, T-Mac, KD, Carmelo, Pierce, Lillard, a lower KD, And then 2 Birds who are actually strong dunkers once they launch, and even CP3 will dunk solidly.

So Curry’s best attributes have become more common and they have also become more common with players who bring big dunking with them, which Curry lacks. So his positives are less special and his size/defense negative is more of a negative this year.


2K16 Curry was a different story. Nobody could shoot like him. Even if the attributes were similar. Something about Curry as a player. Tendencies, intangibles? Whatever it was hasn’t been the same since then.

2k16 they had his range coded in specifically for him

hard coded range. #breakthegame

That was when Curry started breaking out and they legit changed him just to be able to hit deep bombs

I think he also still had his very quick shooting animation in 2K16. The dribbling scheme in 2K16 also favored guys with the better pre-canned dribbling animations…like Curry, Kyrie, and Jamal Crawford. Because the defensive mechanisms were different, too, those types of dribbling abilities made a big difference in being able to get open on perimeter in ISO, as well as get past defenders for drives.

This year, it’s trivial for good players to get past defenders on drives, so you don’t need advantageous dribble animations as much.

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Put some more weight on the opposite side of scale please. Wtf is Klove ? :sob:

Arguably what should be the best strech 4 or 5 in the game. Why use a strech big when Hakeem is one?

Badging and better 3 ball

Not even close to being worth it. You can give gold badges easily and many time even a shoe. Klove would have slightly better shooting but just like Curry its not worth it.

Havent checked but Im assuming Love has HOF shooting badges that Hakeem doesnt have which is a big difference to me.

So klove will shoot 60% and Hakeem will shoot 55%. Essentially no difference.

I find hof badges make them alot more consistent in myteam and park but that’s just my opinion, no way to really prove it.

Hakeem is Dwight Howard + Kevin love

Hakeem can do all things through Allah who strengthens him

Yea he had behind the scenes shit going on.