I just hit 100k MT for the first time ever


Now I know this ain’t nothing but change under the couch for y’all,but I thought it was a nice little achievement for me. I want to try to save as much as possible and just cash out mid season.


Keep that 100k and use it to snipe. U can make a lot when u have a large amount of mt to work with. Fight the urge to buy these new cards. There will be MUCH better càrds mid season. Season literally hasnt started yet. I got like 250/300. And i just buy the new cards to try then resell. Some guys stick. But usually i sell. But u should be set for the whole year if u play your cards right. DO NOT open packs with mt

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You know it’s crazy in Madden I can snipe and etc and hit a Milly in that game,but in 2k idk. I’m deff gonna save and see if I can find some filters and build this my team up. My team is decent can use some minor upgrades here and there,but I’m think I’m alright. AND I still ain’t finish all the Dom games so I should be straight.

See im opposite. I play nhl. Or used to but i cant grind the ah like i do in 2k. Last year i did some SERIOUS sniping. I was flipping ruby MJs for 5k profit everytime. Peeps would sell so low lol. Then they released that michael code and fucked me. I had 10 michaels in my ah LOL

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If you don’t snipe it’s difficult to keep up with card value depreciation. 100k in your mt balance is a bit less important early on but once the 150k+ cards start coming you’ll need at least that much to capitalize on snipes.

At least in Madden I would wait for people to fuck up and post a new card for low. Another thing I would do is snipe the most needed cards in sets. I’ll figure something out,but y’all are right about flipping for big cards.

Also, congrats bro. That’s a lot of MT and is definitely a ground that you can build so much MT off of. Find some filters to snipe and go off. You may seem like you’re losing MT when you see it go down but that’s always good because you’ll end up making it back and more depending on how much profit you make.

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Badges too. Playbooks. Shoes. All things that peeps tend to undervalue

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It’s not always even sniping but simply studying card values to know the ebb and flow of their values during certain times of day. Sometimes you could scoop up multiples that at the time don’t seem like Snipes but hours later can be sold for a nice profit.


Taking notes of all this! I wanna try to hit a mill this year even if I don’t, I know I’ll have something to work towards. I have alot of badges I can sell too,but I think I’m going to try to snipe playbooks as well. Gonna see what I can come up with.

If you’re new to “making MT,” then 100K is a nice amount and congrats for making the milestone.

It’s the sort of amount that you can then leverage to a larger multiple.

Big thing to do to at least preserve what you have is to make sure that you don’t get caught holding on to high-priced players when they get hit with big depreciation. So either make sure you sell before anticipated drops, and/or only buy/use cards that have already very significantly depreciated.

I know a big thing you guys do is sell cards before each market crash. I need to take advantage of that.

Badges are WAY underpriced. Once decent cards come out they will skyrocket. Get the important ones and stock pile. I got like 10 deep ranges. And like 8 limitless. Either will put on players in the future or will sell for a shit load once those badges are in high demand


congrats man

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Shoes were another thing that i stocked up on. Diamonds were going for under 10k

Now the good ones are 25k. And i was getting some for 4/5 k. Sometimes the biggest profit is the one your willing to trust your gut with

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I notice that I have a few difficult shot badges. I belive that’s a real good badge and it’s going for cheap. I do have a few shooting badges that I’m saving now.

A lot of people like to hit the “big” snipes, which definitely is nice. I don’t like that way though. You have to be lucky and on the Auction at the exact time that the snipe is put up. I prefer filters where I make any profit. I tend to make 500-1k profit per card, but still any profit is good. Just keep in mind that there is a 10% tax.

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That’s not bad though! Those 500-1k flips will add up.

Yeah. That’s what I was trying to get at. Those 500 profits are much more common and ultimately add up while everyone else is looking for the big fish. Find yourself a few filters and just search between games.

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