I just CWebber choked

Up by 1, opponent has ball. Drives with Broy, gets a shooting foul. 2.8 seconds. Hits first, missed second. Grabbed the rebound, I call timeout. Technical foul. Hits the free throw, 1 point lead. 2.8 seconds, inbound and hit a 3 with Worthy off a pass from giannis, game. Thank god I won I’m so trash.

Forgot to mention, the only reason I had final shot was an illegal screen by him on the inbound :pray:

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Shots open? Lol

Yeah that Broy can’t contest shit lol. Don’t care what anyone says, any other 2guard and I’m done.

Your opponent probably smashed his controller

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I would have smashed my controller. By putting it through my ps4 that’s already through my tv.

Yeah thats crazy tho cuz just last week just standing next to him was lightly contested

Oh yes, I use cp3 every now and then in TTO. Got quite a few standing behind them contests. Definitely either dropped it back down, or the EQ went way in my favor (which I deserved he offballed all game)

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Don’t laugh at me tho lol. Only my 4th MTU game of the year haha. (3 wins and a hard L)