I just accidentally redeemed Iverson....oh well haha

I hit A on Iverson then I thought it would ask me to confirm yes or no lmao. What the fuck…oh well…AI is the man.


Have fun!

Maybe it was meant to be!


I was about to go Worthy and checked out AI one more time.

I guess Antawn Jamison is my Worthy :laughing:.

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I just want to be able to use a GO before this game is dead :confused:


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I went from 0-2 in about 24 hours. It can happen.



Thats some bull shit 2k is pulling if there is no confirm button lol smh. They do that for everything else.


Hit 750 and locked for Malone.

Ya that’s crazy…u hit A and it just goes doesn’t ask are you sure.

HOw much is it to get from like 300 to 750??

I really was torn on getting AI anyways so I’m not mad at all.

I’ve been having more fun with the game since I got him. It’s boring always using the same kind of players and then matching up against those same players online over and over. Petit is taking the easy way out, it’s crazy how many people rather get AI but are scared to break the cheesy standards set by the community.


It just sucks dick trying to guard good players using AK47/Worthy. Then you have the real pieces of shit that sub in Blake Griffin at the two the instant they see you have a real player at that position.

If you get AI going he will strip the ball pretty easy depending on how your timing is. Doesn’t always work but he gets a lot of steals.

One more thing, you will LOVE when he posterizes someone. His size makes him seem like he’s flying more than anyone else in the game.

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yo AI is sick… I played against him and was surprised. He’s so quick and was getting heavy contests on all my tall players. All those HOF badges too… let us know how he feels after you get some games in

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Bro OMG 750 Tokens is no joke.
But I heard AI is fun


I see Iverson & I sub in DRob to punish him down low

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