I hit the board-um wall

When I got Giannis, I hit the board-um wall. I’m sitting on 4.2 mil MT and I have some to sell off still. I haven’t locked second anniversary set because I am anticipating super packs soon. I didn’t lock Malone because I didn’t want to pay 1.2-1.5 mil for Tmac. I’m kinda waiting to see whats around the corner for another opal reward set.

i got go giannis & the meta game is dead to me now — i don’t really use go giannis, wilt, worthy, or pettit anymore

more interested to build teams that i like & are challenging to win with rather than the best team possible — much more enjoyable


I feel like getting Giannis was a bigger goal then using him.


why would anyone not wanna use him? hes the best myteam card ever

It’s kinda like having a dime piece but still liking head from the big girl more.


Last years Jordan and Lebron where better, all 99s if you remember.

True, but it’s Giannis.

Giannis’ slow release prevents him from taking the crown as best MT card ever imo. It’s just really hard for him to shoot off the dribble, and 3s are just more efficient than 2s, even if it’s from Giannis’ godly slashing. I think 99 everything LeBron is still the best MyTeam card ever, now that card truly had it all.

I’m still running my Giannis on MTU but he’s a pain for me to use on TTO. Equalizer hits hard when you’re rocking an Opal, and the second people see him, they start to pull out all the cheesey annoying tactics to try and beat you. I’m just having a better time playing 3v3 without him

Nah giannis shits on perfect bron, his animations are superior

No cap those big girls suck it like they MEAN it

Disagree, I prefered the LeBron. To each their own though