I have fun with grinding Spotlight challenges

Since the mtu is a beyond annoying glitchy rng fest, I actually enjoy grinding these historic spotlight sim challenges. Y’all probably wonder how is that even possible. First of all, I assembled two of my favorite all-time lineups - Spurs and Bulls, and I use them interchangeably. That itself makes grinding more fun, cause I can use my favorite players which I would never use online.

Secondly, I’m using those challenges to master all playbooks in myteam. It’s hard to get bored, when you’re discovering new things all the time. I really recommend this to everyone who is still grinding. You can use this time to actually get better at the game.

And lastly - I’m doing it at my own pace, usually one team per day. There’s no rush, both Kobe and Hakeem are end game cards.

I thought it might help someone get through this grind easier.


I’ve been doing the same thing, its fun to play with players and lineups you wouldn’t ever use online. I was playing yesterday with the shortest players I had at each position, ended up being Muggsy/Isaiah Thomas/Jeff Hornacek/Westbrook/Spud Webb. They looked hilarious out there with Westbrook and Hornacek being the tallest at 6’3"

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I have opal Kobe and the grind was horrendous :laughing:


I enjoy them too. I like being forced to use new players. For the Hawks I really enjoyed Center Spud Webb lol

Watching his small ass dunk on everyone was fun.

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