I Have Forgotten How to Play MTU

Idk if it’s the grind for Kobe, idk if it’s not
Knowing all the new historic sim players releases, but I am OFF. Can barely make threes, turning the ball over every other possession, opponent getting bailed out with fouls constantly. I can’t play defense no matter what, 2-3, man, press, nothing. The worst part is the people online think you’re supposed to win every time with a team full of opals. Somebody help me out here

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Nah bro it’s just the delay from offline to online happened to me online is super slow lol


It’s so bad man…wilt
Getting dunked on, every player bailing out on fouls. I can’t make a three for anything

Hahaha. Same happened to me as soon as i finished the Kobe grind. My first 4-5 games were pathetic. I felt like the noobiest noob of the entire game! I couldnt even pass the ball. But dont worry. Its because of the online delay. Give it some time and u will be back 2 normal within 2 days. Its absolutely normal :wink:

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Playing the cpu too much makes you worse at the game, I always say this and that’s why I avoid it as much as I can haha

The cpu doesn’t try to bend the game to the limit. They won’t inbound and turbo to the rim, they can’t dribble, they won’t double you or try to bait you.

They play a slow style with plays and cheese you with bullshit contested shots, whereas in MTU most users run a 3 seconds or less offense that would make D’Antoni horny.

The cpu isn’t looking the exploit the game like users do, so if you play too much of it when you go back online you are stunned for a couple of games. At least, this happens to me.


Never going online is also a viable solution :wink:


Absolutely :sweat_smile:

For me I play to compete and I can only do that online. I find playing the cpu very boring, not just this year, it’s been like this every 2K.


I agree, the CPU gameplay is far from perfect… Yet, I still find it better than the bizarre stuff people do online. Hideous custom courts and jerseys, repetitive “money” plays, quitting mid-game and generally weird stuff that it’s hard to accept. I was an uber-online junkie last year and I switched almost exclusively to offline this year. I feel better this year- not wanting or needing the best cards, less frustration and the urge to be the best in the world and never lose a game. I hope they can make offline challenging next year without cheating with cheap overpowered cards and bullshit sliders.


You haven’t forgetten. Just gotta get re accustomed.

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That’s why I don’t play offline. Relearning how to shoot and rotate on D is a pain. How offline feels is how online should feel.

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The delay is pretty bad sometimes. I don’t even play MTU anymore but PNO is horrible. I think the input lag got even worse but I’m not sure.

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the input lag online is unbelievable, after grinding a bunch of sims with wade and then hopping on to mtu it takes like 2x to 3x longer to get his shot off online than it does offline

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It feels like everyone’s releases is slow besides Lavine

For all these years, I honestly thought it was just my internet. I was curious why I never lagged that bad on Madden or any other game for that matter.

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Tonight was much better. Didn’t lose a game

I took like a month off and they slowed the game down considerably

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Dont worry bro, i never learned how to play MTU lol

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