I have decided to play PD Lebron at Center

I’m gonna have to cheese. I’m low key tired of facing these ultra cheese guys who clearly have no life so fuck it ima start cheesing and glitching back. If anyone has PD Lebron. Play him at center. Fuck honor

I use PD Giannis at C. Works like a charm. Then again, Giannis plays C sometimes so…

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What are you guys’ records with these squads?

I’m 6-3. Not great to be honest.

Easy boards

Pg - 97 Lebronto
Sg - 99 Kobe
SF- amy pg13
PF - 97 kd
C- 99 Giannis
Preseason 8-0 so far not really playing until season. Not sure how i feel about a vince carter reward so idk if im gonna grind

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Love when i run 3 pt plays for KD and their pf doesnt have pick dodger

My real name means “honor” in english :rofl::sweat_smile:

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