I have a big problem with this website

Sorry for the dramatic title but I keep getting this annoying bug using this site. I’ll have a response typed out and I cant press the reply button. Like I end up pressing every other icon. I have to switch sites and come back like 3 or 4 times and keep trying to resend my saved draft before it works. I’ve been dealing with this annoyance for over a month. Help?

Yes i cleaned my screen cuz I thought maybe shit was stuck idk. Im suprised I even got to type this out on the first try.

Happens to me from time to time

Damn it happens to me multiple times a day. I have to delete full responses after like the 5th try.

i just copy and paste

Ive been, Ill just deal with it. Just wasnt sure if it was a me problem but I guess it happens.

Android or IOS, and what browser if android

Android and uh idk I have a S8. Ill see if I need an update or soemthing

google chrome

Yeah I have the issue with chrome on my pixel 2

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Maybe there’s an inbuilt bullshit filter?

JK have you tried web browsing cache clearing? I find on other sites when i have this issue that usually helps? I also understand that’s kinda a 2K support response but it’s a real thing, i promise haha

ah ok maybe ill download another browser

Also have you got the site pinned to your home screen?

I was thinking of that and how thats a typical 2k solution haha. Do I lose anything when I clear cache like photos or apps?

I have nothing pinned to my home screen, its just a bunch of Sprint BS. All the sites I go to are in my history so i just type out 2 letter in the address bar

Nah it’ll just clean up random logins to sites etc and old webpages you that have been updated. It’ll also speed the site up for you a bit

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Ok ill try that and see if I need a phone update and hoepfully that helps

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I have never had any problems like that, but I’m on iPhone. Maybe it’s your web browser. I’m using safari. Try switching browsers

I will keep that in mind if all else fails. Thanks

I have a s7 and have the same problems