I had a crazy idea

(Is this considered off topic?)
OK, hear me out. I had a kind of crazy idea.

I think we could make 2KGamer even bigger. I’m talking like, bigger than Wikipedia. We just have to have the right initiative.

Here’s my idea: We create a 2KGamer community on PS, and we create a club (I think that’s what it’s called) on Xbox. When we create those, we invite anyone who’s apart of 2KGamer first. Once the 2KGamer members are there, then the non-2KGamers can join. We could host an event (or events) for all consoles, where there would be 1-3 hosts for each console. The hosts could have like a 2KGamer (or just a regular content creator) logo above their head. We could all get together, play some games, talk about life, keep it non-toxic, etc. We could have an event, say, every month or so. We could stream the event(s) on YT, Twitch, or any other game streaming site. This will help bring more attention to the site, which in turn will make more people want to be a part of the site.

The creators of the community/club don’t have to be moderators on here, either. It can be anyone. That has competence. I’d be willing to start the PS one, but an Xbox user will have to do the other one.

Someone (either me or one of the mods) will have to either tweet to 2K about it, write them an email, call them, or something of that nature. Even if it’s my idea, I wouldn’t be the best choice to call/write/tweet to them because I’d be a bit of a trainwreck.

I’m actually kind of excited about this idea.

Any thoughts? Comments?

That sounds fun

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Do you have to be in like a rotation of hosting tho

“Bigger than wikipedia”


He lost me there.



It wouldn’t have to be. It could be, though.

You better set that tone at the end, that was hell of an entrance lol.


Wait you could just add everyone on Xbox instead of contacting 2k

@Ddrop, obviously, it doesn’t HAVE to be as big as Wikipedia, that was just a metaphor of sorts.

@Mkopli, I’m not on Xbox, so I’m a bit confused by what you mean.

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So… do you want like a private 2kg server for each console?

It can be private, though other 2K players won’t know about it unless people start like tweeting it out and streaming it and stuff.

Ok then

Can everyone give me wide open corner threes please😂

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I’m just messing man, i liked the idea actually.


I just had a big idea myself.
You know those myteam tournaments that 2kG has on myteam? We can do the same thing for park 2v2’s. There can be 8 players, and you get a random teammate. If you win with him, then the next week(or 2, whatever the frequency of events are) you stay with him to keep your crown.

So basically every week there would be a myteam king and 2 park kings.

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That could work. We could get a lot of people on board with it.

If anyone would DARE to use a 2 guard lineup against my 2-way finisher, they will pay🤣

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Facts. You better not pull up with two play shots.

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My guy got HOF clamps anyway😂

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I only got bronze intimidator, but idgaf lol

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