I guess I’m back 🤪

As some of you know, I sold my mt last week, but I won a $50 psn card giveaway in this guy’s twitch stream. So I tried to buy mt with it but everyone in the 2k community is a weirdo, people only want paypal for mt, like whats wrong with psn? But yea, Opened a 10, didnt pull shit, then pulled a 20, pulled 2 Diamond Kobes and last pack. BAM My recording fucked up because I’m living at my friends apartment rn so I dont have elgato. But damn I was happy!


You shouldn’t be happy :rofl:


Congrats !!

Nice attitude towards community, NOT congratz :slight_smile:

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I love this community. But to me, isnt money the same whether paypal or psn?

Can I use PSN credits at the local grocery store?


They pull you back in :cold_face:

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Well maybe people dont want that and want paypal cash, could not be easier then that? I mean, duh. If i want to buy game i can do that via paypal, but if i dont, i can buy other stuff, not so much with psn card.

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Go trade in the psn code for like $47 cash then buy Mt …

I sold MT through paypal last year. Now they ask for my social security # etc etc. Would Venmo be the new easy way to make such transfers?

Exactly! Plus with all these Non-US sellers, all these other fees are annoying af

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I gotchu fam

Welcome back to 2k. I wouldn’t want a psn gift card either tbh though, or if I took that it would be at a premium compared to money.

Yeah I was surprised my last MT seller didn’t want to take my starbucks loyalty card. There’s like 3 free drinks on that thing!

Welcome back!


I deleted the game last night :man_shrugging:

Congrats :+1:

Do whats right and give some back to @Mmblack1182

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Did you really delete the game? What happened to your Opal Giannis account etc?

It’s collecting dust now