I gotta admit when i'm wrong but it doesn't mean I have to like it

I picked the warriors in 6 in this series. And Houston has done what i thought was impossible they made GSW play their game. And it is extremely sad to watch. I’m convinced if Houston wins this series the NBA is going to be horrible to watch soon. Hate GSW all you want they played a style of basketball that everyone could enjoy. The teamwork and ball movement is what every coach should strive to teach thier kids. The Rockets pretty much play like a glorified AAU team. Pick and Roll into an ISO and watch your best player dribble the air out the ball. Every sports league is a copy cat league. So if this works were gonna start seeing every team try to pull this off. And i feel bad for basketball if that happens smh.

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It’s like watching 2ks e league

2K’s eLeague could do better. When they run the 5 out iso play the guy usually doesn’t end up taking a heavily contested 3. Tbh tho don’t give Houston any ideas they might just retool there team for pure 5 out of u do