I got scam completely. Valuable Lesson Learn

Lesson today never put a card up for 12hr and let it expire at 12:00. I meant to do it at 1 eastern but counted wrong. Welp and like 20min later the diamond one with a diamond contract sold for 250k.

Trying to be the first one ain’t always the best choice #KASHWISDOM😥


damn homie. Your luck will come back around.

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o my. id be heated

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bruh how tf are you evoin these shits so fast


like how do you play 150 games in 2 days


TToffline. Carlo could easy do 100 a day

its crazy im over here dying playing spotlight this shit is so fucking boring


I’m selling mine hour before qualifier

you gott him pd too?


Halfway there

is their a way to manipulate games played

I saw some Moncreif sold for 150-160k today while my two I snipe yesterday sold 110/100k. What I’m doing wrong

No point in trying that the amount of points you need for pd is about 115 games, cheesing iso in TTOff 22 points a game.

I assume you can just dashboard mtu games too, not sure if that’s worth it

multiple factors man. Someone probably friends with the seller or something. Could be anything. But i think mainly its selling while there are new card options to purchase. Next time id wait until the hype dies down.

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I basically wasted my day grinding him to pd for the diamond version value.

I was using him during the Token event and triple threat offline.


@Jimmy pulled crazy mt on packs and got nothing. Now this guy is sniping everything under the sun. games still early

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This card pd probably top 3 card in game tho, good player model, release and all the defensive badges. Dunks on everything

Just buy a diamond and grind from there


Started Amy today almost diamond.

It weird I notice Stockton was lower then usual yesterday. Today he back to 250k+