I got a flash pause victory

I was 7-0, dude was winning by like 13 in the 3rd, i stuck it out, end of the third he flash paused one to many times and i got the option continue or quit and get the win, me, trying to be petty, couldnt pull my camera up on my phone fast enough and it went away and the game resumed, he knew he dodged a bullet, so he started playing less aggressive, but in the 4th, my jefferies missed a wide open layup and he flash paused but the joke was on him, took that win quick fast and in a hurry this time, im sure i would have lost too, but 2k18 spoiled him and cost him a game and kept my streak alive


Good stuff bro I’m accepting win all season long lol I’m not doing what I did last year. If your timer goes out then it’s a wrap


Damn right. You better not reach too much