I got a feeling

Durant or Klay is going off tonight. Game time coach.

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A diamond durant is a must.


I hope so I have kd in fantasy lol

Diamond Lebron is gna tank for sure if Durant gets a diamond.

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The dubs are playing awful right now lol. it’s still early. Dray and Curry need to get back.

I don’t think he will tbh, some cards never drop much untill they get a higher tier due to the casuals. Us hardcore MyTeam players won’t pay x amount for an average LBJ due to better options being available at the same price or cheaper but fan boys and stans will always pay top $$$ for LBJ, KD, Curry, Klay, Kobe, MJ ect.


36 points end of third quarter.

It might be a reach but a 50point game is easily a diamond.

I have amy durant in my line up because i get greens in his release a diamond would be great.

kd is at 39 rn… looks like 2k knew not to drop the diamond today

Good call man

Yeah well see. They may give him one but its 2k he was short of the 50 points. I guess well see tomorrow.

92 Amy with 75 Open 3 and 98 Intangibles

I mean they gave Davis Diamond for a back-2-back 40point game right?

Durant 44 and 49

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if he gets one it’ll be a diamond. no way they give him anAmy. people will shit.

Fair enough. 95 Diamond with 78 Open 3 and 99 Intangibles


Good point. glad I didnt blow this 50 gift card tonight. something told me to wait. have a feeling well be getting a huge influx of KAT cards tomorrow.

Only D’antoni and Shoes could fix that 3point :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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if this KD gets hof badges…

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Durant’s the best player in the league. I’d have loved to see this Curry-less and Donkey-less Warriors squad shit on the L-akers. Durant would drop a 40 piece on Pussy’s head in 28 minutes.

Durant’s been playing like shit up to the last two games. Well, in his defense the whole teams been playing like shit. It would be a good game for sure. We need Curry and Dray back so they can move past the drama and rack up a win streak. When they’re all on the court together the sky’s the limit.

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