I don't understand how I'm going up against so many POTM / 12-0 squads!

I swear I never went up against this many people that had POTM cards in 2k19, maybe once every 6 games or so. But Jesus, I’m getting them 2 out of every 3 games now!!!

Some squads with Beasley, Rice, Worthy, Wilt, & Lucas all on the same team!

Seriously, how in the hell are these guys getting 12-0 runs when it seems like I go up against them all the time? You would think there’s got to be some balancing out right? I mean, idk if it’s the server I’m on or what (Texas) but holy crap there’s no F’king way there’s this many POTM squads in the world.

I’d love to see the % of players that have gone 12-0 even once compared to the rest of the world. Absolutely ridiculous, & I honestly feel like I’m the best gamer to NOT go 12-0 once this year lol. There’s got to be a match making method that doesn’t pit me against these hardcore POTM sweat squads every game.


Part of the increase could be increased availability of potm paid services. I know i’ve played a couple of users with no business having the cards on their own.

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Watch Bio2k’s YouTube vid on how to go 12-0
It makes matchmaking less sweaty games

The player base is also likely declining so less people to match up against and a lot of the ones left are the ones that have the POTM.


I’ve been cheesing this month. Opal Magic, Opal Wiseman and GOAT Kareem with all bronzes. Don’t judge me.

Try something like that. Keep overall 84 and you’ll run into rainbow squads. None of the cards can match the three opals I use.