I don't think enough is being said about these Kobe grinches

They have completely changed the game for me, especially the 3 point grinches, im big on offensive consistency, this is the first shoe this year and last year I believe that boost that rating, with dantoni and those shoes, jrue holiday, iggy, Ronnie brewer get sharp takeover

I haven’t even tried to get this card, but imagine what a +9 3 ball would do for someone like magic

Edit:Makes him a monster

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These shoes are all incredible, though I prefer the dunking version to the shooting one for several of my guys. With the dunking shoe, guys like LeBron, Terry and Magic are getting basically maxed out speed with ball, speed, and acceleration while the first two get maxed driving dunk. Magic and Bron get Slasher takeover which is utterly unstoppable with those ratings and their size/animations


Once I get McHale, I’m going to switch out the shooting ones for the dunking ones with Opal Lebron and see how they feel, im trying to stock up on them now, cause when these budget cards come out with the right badges, just low ratings, these coaches and shoes are going to turn amys into PDs

I have AD the defensive shoe, with coach Bud and he still has glass cleaner. I hate this game

With Bud or Nurse, most big men are basically locked into Glass Cleaner takeover because their rebounding is already very high. Definitely sucks because that takeover is next to useless, but when it comes to coaches I lean towards stat boosts over takeovers


Granger got the defensive one.

Simmons got speed one. Makes a difference when I face up against another Simmons.

I’m also using Quinn Snyder as coach. +3 defense.

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I gave Opal AD the 3 pt Grinch and with Dantoni it gets him to a 98 3 pt which is absurd for that card.


I was going to do that until I saw the speed with ball boost

their price are gonna skyrocket once the challenge expires. plus 5 is insane. you can put it on budget beast cards and it’s like having a pd/go card with these shoes and coach

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I bought several of each a few days ago when they were cheaper. Most I paid was around 17-18k. Definitely change some of these players to a higher level.

Its crazy though because all his defensive stats are higher than his rebounding with this shoe. His rebounding doesn’t even go to 99. It literally makes no sense

These shoes the best in the game now

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I still don’t fully understand which defensive ratings correspond to the Lock and Rim Protector takeovers. With those shoes and Coach Bud, AD’s average rebounding rating is 98.5 while the average of his interior defense and blocking ratings are 96.5, so maybe that’s the issue? But again, I don’t know if those two stats both contribute to Rim Protector takeover or if other stats are taken into account as well. Sure would be nice if 2K, you know, told us.

I actually made a thread about this issue when I couldn’t figure out why the hell my Pippen and AK had Shot Creator takeovers. Look at their attributes with the coach and shoe I had on them in this thread. I came to the conclusion that shot mid is directly tied to Shot Creator, but both their defensive stats are so insane it seems obvious that Pippen should be Lock and Kirilenko either Lock or Rim Protector (not sure if primary PFs can get Lock or if Rim Protector is the only option)

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That’s so wack. I feel like Defensive coaches should force defensive takeovers in most cases but especially when you go out of your way to buy shoes that should help it

Agreed. It’s especially shitty because we’re forced to do very expensive experiments if we want to figure out which ones give which takeovers. 2K should tell us exactly which stats correspond to which takeovers, but they’re generally trash so they won’t

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Exactly. I got lucky and sniped those for 100k on PC but they’re going for around 700k. Instead of a crazy snipe and flip I missed out on 600k for a failed attempt to get rim protector. L’s in the chat

If I’m correct, then Frank Vogel and KSGs give AD shot creator takeover

My starting lineup are all wearing the Shooting grinches, besides AD, he has the dunking grinches, moving forward I’m not going to use a card unless they have Nikes for a shoe brand, thats partly why I haven’t picked up tmac and boogie

Just imagine what +9 speed to your whole team does… its pretty sweet.

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The stats below contribute to takeovers. Also, there is a hierarchal order of the take overs if the stats were the same.

i.e. If you had a 99 reb average vs 99 3pt, Sharp take over will take precedent over Glass.

  1. Sharp = 3pt Highest value
  2. Glass = Average of def reb, off rebound
  3. Shot creator = Mid range highest value
  4. Rim/Lock = Average of block, steal, idef, pdef
  5. Slash = layup, driving dunk, standing dunk