I don't need mt now just pulled a PD Gilbert

Where my haters at. I think I’m going to sell him.

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From Begging to Bragging, a Jbone15 documentary.


What haters, what’s happening?

I think some people didn’t like that he was asking for free MT lol

What’s begging just asking if it was any nice ppl on here but ppl bashed me. But its fine. I just want shaq PD

Now I can sell this Gilbert and get him.

Who are you?

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Congrats on pulling Gilbert

And I’m sure if a few more people knew you they would’ve helped you out


Yeah exactly. Who are you and who are your haters lol

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I’ll give you mt for Gilbert rn

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Lmao this foo

Who is this guy Derrick Rose?

@Jbone15 you have to understand that a dude that barely posts asking for MT looks fishy. It’s not like they all know you or your situation. No offense, just trying to explain.

Have you entered all the recent locker codes? That’ll net some decent MT and a PD.


Yah i could use some MT tho lmfo.

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wait so why is pd arenas only selling for 100k?

sell him bro. he can score but hes hella small. same problem with drazen and I was the number one drazen believer. awesome scorer. but guys like oscar and magic will destroy him. not to mention the out of position guys.

I pulled another PD Gilbert yep coming up on MT today.

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Helping season starts in June :grimacing: