I dont know why people doging this Shaq

I dont know why people doging this Shaq

Played him 1st time and his just straight up monster, i see a lot of people hatting him. Sure his release aint the best, but if its open it goes in. Other aspects are just top notch.


Cuz eddy curry does much the same with a better jumper for 1/8th the price


Eddy Curry is my favorite center this year :joy:


It’s not that Shaq ain’t great, it’s just that it’s ridiculous he costs 1 million MT.

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I’m speaking price point aside. People just seem not to like him much.

His player model is also not as huge as it should be. Kareem and Wilt make him look like a pipsqueak out there on the floor. He doesn’t bully as he should, but that just about sums up how the meta plays and how irrelevant card tiers are in 2k20 :man_shrugging:t5:

He’s fun at first but actually gets kind of boring rather quick. His jumper being a roll of the dice isn’t very preferable on a 1mil card

Well if it’s not about the price, then it’s bs. He’s better than Curry imo, i mean OK Curry has a quicker jumper but Shaq has everything and a ton of more badges.

But the price is a very important part, it may “distort” people’s opinion. It raises expectations.

edit: Kareem and Hakeem are better than both imo.

I feel that if you space the floor my bigs constantly way behind the line so they need to be good shooters, cant really play either Wilt or Kareem. And it’s not just about being able to shoot with them, if people dont respect your bigs shooting it creates all kind of problems for your offense. Combined his shooting and defense his pretty nice overall.

I mean, how often is it for you to get your center on the hash in a space out situation? Only if you’re running Point freelance, but still you can call your PF for a screen and that sends the center to the corner automatically. And if you run Fist 64 5OUT, he’ll go to the corner anyway.

Kareem has that player model that makes every other player (not named Manute) look small. And he’s uber athletic and fast. That’s why i value him so much.

I love Eddy Curry.

i wonder who gon be the first center with dwade base


For some reason I barely green with my eddy curry had better success with wilt’s 74 three ball lol

Shaq is fantastic and probably the best center. The problems I find with Shaq and why I sold him are as others have mentioned, he’s way too much MT. Kareem is almost as good if not as good for less than half of the price, and then budget options like Curry that can get you 80-90% of the production for 5% of the price. If you’re a true MT whale then sure, that’s not a problem but for most playing the game, it’s not a justifiable use of MT. The biggest problem I have with Shaq and what I notice with others using him, is that the expectations for him are astronomical so it just feels like using him is a consistent disappointment. Anytime he doesn’t finish over someone smaller, gets blocked, doesn’t rebound, misses an open 3, etc. you get pissed off because this near perfect card and player model can’t do everything right all game. Part of it is equalizer, game mechanics, and the simple fact that as we progress in the cycle the marginal difference between cards at the top becomes smaller and smaller while the gap between the top and budget cards becomes hardly distinguishable at times. It’s so fucking annoying having Shaq get blocked by Jeff Green, for example, that you get so mad you want to sell him. The reality is that Green has the same badges and counter badges Shaq has, so it’s impossible for Shaq to dominate 100% of the time, but it feels like he should. So when he doesn’t, the frustration comes out and the discourse on Shaq becomes overwhelmingly negative. It’s not the card’s fault really, but no card could live up to those expectations or the price tag; no card should be a million MT except limited cards from last year or GOAT cards this year.


Some 6’8 guy from the 1950’s probably

That’s GO Bob Pettit’s music

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I used Shaq for a long time, and absolutely loved the card, but I sold him off for Eddy Curry so I could have the 900,000 extra MT.

Eddy Curry is the Walmart version of Shaq. He’s fine for a budget center, and his shot is fire, but Shaq is miles beyond Eddy.

Shaq has the juice in 2K20, and that’s why he’s a whale’s center.

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Eddy Curry

Eddy Curry ain’t got shit on this Shaqqqq… Y’all budget ballin ass…


People see stats, badges, and etc and think it’s it. But it ain’t. Take example Glen Rice. I love the card and hes release is pure. But as far as slashing goes? He got NOTHING on MJ. Same way Curry got nothing on Shaq when it comes to slashing.

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