I don't know how you guys do 12 straight

I’m usually an offline player for myteam, but I’m trying to grind this Diamond Michael Finley and half way through I’m lucky to be 6-0, I really should have 2 losses under my belt.

My first loss was because my opponent disconnected (I think), I was in the fourth down 10 points maybe with 4 minutes left and after a Lebron James steal and fastbreak dunk by me, my opponent paused the game for the whole 2 minutes and I waited it out and I just took the W since he didn’t return (his team was not bad, slightly worse than mine I think)

And the second loss was to a team full of emerald and golds (he was flash pausing my free throws), I was getting cooked by Zach Lavine in the midrange and Jordan Clarkson was driving on Eaton and Manute. I don’t remember the % he shot but he was like 22/30 by the 3rd quarter. I mustered a comeback in the fourth quarter, maybe down 4 points and I get 2 free throws, and he flash pauses and the screen comes up " Do you want to quit and receive the W or continue" and of course I had to take the W. Was so demoralized, I don’t know if I was equalized or if I just sucked on defense.

Man I don’t know how you guys play online and get 12 wins straight, I think I’m just going to play domination and play unlimited and not care about 12-0 at the end of the day, because my ass shouldn’t be 6-0. Probably just play a budget team down the line and sell my coin.

Need great team, skills, composure and luck.


learn some plays bro, i swear that i beat players that Ive lost to last year, its a whole different game so you have to adjust your playing style… practice some freelance and a playbook, i promise you that plays will give you easy buckets… I went 12-0 with 2 sapphire and rest were emerald, its all about the scheme and players that will fit your system/scheme… Dont always go for the higher over-all players, i see alot of mistake that people make… goodluck, you can do it!


I can go 8-3 or 10-2 but that was the closest. At least this year I’m getting beat by better users and squads rather than abusive game mechanics by literally anyone running lebron at point


If you get a lucky string of poor players you only need two tips : learn some plays and learn to guard the pick and roll.

I’d be happy they change it to win 10-2 or 11-1


@OGxSuave October will be so much harder month to get the 12-0


The key to going 12-0 in my opinion is playing great defense. If you can frustrate your opponent, you get a lot of early rage quits.

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You HAVE to master a playbook. I can’t stress this enough

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Gotta know that playbook backwards and forwards

As someone who can apparently only go 11-1 I actually don’t mind requiring 12-0 for the grand prize. Don’t need everyone running around with all those good cards and now if you do get it it’s a real trophy to let your opponents know it’s gonna be a tough game.


What playbook you guys recommend?


I’m running the bucks playbook with good success

Bulls too

Warriors/Lakers pretty good.

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how so?

Celtics playbook all I’ve used so far. Don’t even need to try another one

You can certainly make the argument that one playbook is better than others, but I believe there are many playbooks that one can use and achieve success. It truly depends on your players and which playbooks have the plays that cater to their strengths. Pelicans/Celtics/Lakers/Warriors/Mavericks etc all have quality plays.

Personally it comes down to Celtics/Pelicans for me. That’s a popular choice. Warriors are up there as well, but not sure if I could rank them. Another factor is how well you know the plays and timing. I am still working on that myself since the game speed and branches have changed this year.