I don’t understand

I was 15-3 last round but I’m 2-7 this round. I can’t move. My team is stuck in tar, I inbound to players out of bounds, no one can catch, I haven’t gotten any animations in my favor, when I drive my guys pull of for a contested midrange instead of taking to the hole, and I can’t hit a 3 to save my life.

I haven’t won since I bought 97 playoff Bron with 3pt shoe. I want to cry.

Do I blow up the squad and try a lineup around a few stars instead a well rounded squad?


I feel you. I decided to give up for good on supermax when 2k legitimately wouldn’t let me shoot wide-open corner 3’s with 98 KD. It only happened with KD in the corner wide open at moments I really needed a bucket. Find him open, hold shoot, KD stands still. Couldn’t even move him with the stick until a defender reached him then I was given control back. This happened at least 5 times over the the last 5 games I played and was my final straw.


8 game losing streak now. Boris and Booker repeatedly yamed on PD Gobert while 97 Lebron couldn’t get to the paint wig Amy Lou Williams guarding him. I want to cry.

I’ve had TWO games this year where 98 KD missed TWO greens in each game. Facts.

I know the feeling, especially in terms of players being unable to catch or pass a ball. The amount of turnovers 98 LeBron and 98 Kobe have for me is brutal. They just drop the ball, throw passes way off and get stripped easily.

I sold my entire team of PD legends because of this

The EQ is brutal this round so it’s not only you. Just sold off my entire squad except for 98 Lebron with Grey/Yellow Kobe’s and PD AD. Gonna switch to 1 PD, 2 Diamonds, 2 Amys starting 5 and see how that goes.

Its equalizer man. That’s all it is. Just play and if you’re obviously getting hit with the equalizer just quit and go on to the next game.

Before in previous rounds, during the loading screen for a SM matchup, I was hoping to be matched up with a team much weaker than my team for easy points. That changed now. I always hope for a line up with PD’s as well (not full PD line up but with a couple of PD’s). At least I know that I will not be scared to take open 3’s and my own PD’s will play normally to their attributes


It’s the same as always. The better your team gets, the more bullshit you have to cope with. It just is like that. But I don’t want to downgrade because of that.

I didnt downgrade on purpose per se…but ive wanted to try out somany cards this year and have lol. I mean besides the stupid expensive cards ive literally tried everyone u can think of. I digress😂 ive bought n sold so many cards that my team went from 2pds rest diamonds to mostly amys cuz of the 2k tax. From all the sells ive had ive literally lost hundreds of thousands of mt over the past year. But one things for sure its worked in my favor. I can give the high tier guys w the pd lineups fuckin fits lol. Maybe not win every game. But ive beaten my share of pd tier guys n god squads

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It’s equalizer, tf you boutta cry for, it’s frustrating for sure just stop playing

What is the main reason for EQ? I really do not understand. How is this gross, money-driven company not endorsing having the better team every time? It’s also hard to develop skill when each game is as inconsistent as my bowel movements. What is the downfall of having no influence on the outcome of a game?

Bro try a laxative… That aint right we needa get u regular fam :joy::joy:

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More like I need more fiber. The toilet bowl looks like a Jackson Pollock by the time I’m thru.

I don’t think anyone understands the reasoning behind it when the mode is designed to be pay to win, essentially. It’d be like in World of Warcraft the character you spent hundreds of hours building getting its ass kicked by a noob, I cannot for the life of me understand why the rubber banding and nerfing of better players exists.

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The game I had last night was the first with all the guys I considered as my end game lineup. I will probably only switch 1 player in that lineup and that should be it. And then the game is like “F you, you’re not gonna win with these guys”.

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