I CWebb choked... again. Am I alone?

After battling my way back from a ~15 point first half deficit, in the final 20 seconds I find myself tied, he has ball.

With 6 seconds left, I reach and give him free throws. He hits the first, no panic. One point game, worst case 2 with time to get a good shot off. Fine.

Second free throw. A miss, I grab the board and go for the timeout. For the second time this year, I don’t have one. Now he hits the tech FT and has the ball.

Thinking, if not knowing the game is over, the nerves calm. Accepting the loss, and not feeling the pressure of having any control very quickly calms me. Then he calls an inbounds play. What happens is another miracle, just like earlier in the year. Illegal screen. Inbound to Giannis, kick it to BRoy, and green that bitch.


Am I the only one who ever gets these dumbass techs?

I was up 14 going into the 4th today and then his Yao got takeover. Then up 9 with 2 minutes left I went to change settings to double on the catch, accidentally triple tapped start and burned through the rest of my pauses

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I’ve had somebody do it against me, but I’m pretty religious about my timeout usage for stamina purposes (and always save 1 for possible end of game to advance the ball).

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i did it once last year

I once tried to flash pause a guy during a game-winning buzzer beating dunk with PD Iverson with my Sixers squad like 6 months ago . . . Didn’t have any pauses left :rofl:


Its happened to me before, my pauses are only a few seconds so sometimes I lose track. It was a sweaty game for the most part so wasn’t surprised he took the quit

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I usually don’t flash pause, only in retaliation when somebody does it first and is playing like a douche. I know I won that game in my heart :fist: