I caved, bought the game for pc

topic says it all, got to some steam money and bought the game. didnt do anything just yet. bought a 50k vc pack. not gonna spend any more, fully going nms from now on(hopefully) just wanted to unlock the ah quick.

got 600 mt and lineup looks like this atm:
ruby rwb, evo tmac, porter, em love, ruby jokic
lonzo, ami sila, oubre, kirilenko, sabonis

anything i should do first? esp. playing first time on pc?
appreciate the help


yeah and that guy is a reason too LOL


My best advice- try not to break your pc or controller when you start playing the same hackers over and over again in MTU and TTO.

im mainly playing offline :smiley:

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Get a refund


Hope you didn’t pay some high price for that, when it is for 15euros on some sites.

ok can we ignore that part …?!
im playing 90% offline and enjoy it, so…

Offline- PC is great.

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then first thing you should do is get FLiNG trainer - it helps A LOT to evo players (when “all scores count toward player” is on, the player you control at the moment gets all the points, 3-pointers and dunks scored by any player on the court)

MT used to be dirt cheap on PC.

Get out early.

A mil on PC is like 20 bucks or so. Go that route over VC for sure.

im not going for either…
i just wanted to know how to get started the best but obv ppl cant get over the fact that i bought it for pc… :slight_smile:
played 20 ttoffline matches for now

can check out the few posts I made subsequently in the same thread.

that said, new packs have been released since and cards to take note off include ruby Rik smits. emerald Marbury and sapphire sprewell all evo and all great cards

thank you risd!

Don’t spend a lot of mt buying the best cards available. I am running a squad of rubies and one amethyst and I matched up against equal opponents. The best cards in the game are always overpriced on PC and they will fall in value once new content gets released so in the end you wont be able to regain that MT you spent. Its best to save the biggest stack of MT for the endgame, especially since there are a lot more people with godsquads on PC than on consoles. Meanwhile, enjoy the game, grind offline and EVO cards.

i wont spend another dime on the game for the rest of the year and i really start to like those evo cards. i only have tmac atm tho but gonna work on that

I, unlike most, enjoy domination. Also pick up Wilt as soon as you can, Ruby Rondo is cheap and great, work to sapphire token rewards and pick up the glitch known as Muresan.

Learn the post game too. Bigs matter a lot this year and the AI still can’t defend the post. Pick up Bobby Jones and slap him on the other teams best player. Early in Emerald Ron Harper is great on defense.

This is my second year because there aren’t a lot of people online on PC. I want to go back to playing PNO, but 99/100 games end in a network error.

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