I cant wait for Dwights Pink Diamond card honestly

so right now im running tto with the duo and only one thing is standing out to me …

on my regular squad i run shaq and d12 (non shooting centers ftw)

But d12 is has and always been on another level for me , i used to run him at PF in my 11-0 days and

he reminds me of that 2k17 Easter Rodman without the ability to shoot 3s

Hes everywhere on the court and closes out everyone easily

With the Diamond curry i put on him (99 draw foul , 99 drive dunk , 98 speed , 99 pick and roll defense IQ) even without HOF Posterizer , hes dunking on you or drawing fouls at will

I have 150 tokens waiting for mutombo & waiting to see what position the POTM is but regardless hes a card i will forever gun for every year

Mutumbo is better with the purple kyries just because of the badges you’ll enjoy him if you like traditional centers, he isn’t better offensively in the post but he has the speed and size you’ll need

i know , ill probably sell the duo tomorrow or sunday but ima miss this card b

Dwight was an animal when I used him!!

He’s plays like a mini go wilt

I’ve been dominant with his ruby, iso with tmac, drive in, center comes to help, throw up the lob to Dwight, works every time

I got GO Wilt and Olajuwon but Di Howard is my MTU center lol. Its player model and animation thing.