I can't buy anything on Auction House on PC


Does anyone has the same problem? When i try to buy any card it shows message that other user bought that card, no matter how long time is left on auction. What the hell is happening?

Cards that were already purchased still appear on the AH. It’s a visual glitch. You need to find cards that were recently posted, right around the 4 hour mark and try buying those.

Cards with buy it now that have been purchased are not being cleared from the AH. All cards without BiN can still be bid on and as mentioned look for cards around 4 hour mark they have just been posted. Usually when you see an amazing price on a card with BIN that is not at 4 hour mark, it probably has been bought out already

Strange, never happend before and i was playing quite whole season.

Yes been happening for past week only.

It seems. It worked anyway. Thanks