I can’t stand Lag 😣

Anyone else Lag when they use higher tier cards? 🤦🏻🤦🏻🤦🏻

u dont lag cos of cards lmao. certain myteam cards dont make ur connection better or worse

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I lag even with my bronzes cards :joy::joy:

I hear you, I’ve got a very good internet line, fiber 200 Mb, but I always have a damned lag on 2k, i can’t stand it. I don’t really manage to play well with the lag, especially on defense

I also feel that some sort of a lag will always be there. Have a decent connection (I believe 40 Mbps, or whatever the unit is, download speed is enough). Also make sure you play on a monitor not TV. Maybe newer TV’s are okay, Idk. If you do those 2 things and still experience an unbearable lag, Idk what more can be done.

  1. Monitor with less than 4-5 ms response
  2. Internet speed with a wired connection

If you have both of these good then it’s just the servers overloaded

Man playing all this TT recently - it would be amazing if online 2K can play like offline. The difference is night and day and you can tell by how bad you feel delay when you go from offline to online.

One can dream T_T.

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just wait till they release the game for free on ps+ and xbox game pass