I can’t shoot on Next Gen

Is it normal to have a tough transition from current to next gen. I’m very inconsistent while shooting, even having a hard time with PD KD. Any tips/advice would be appreciated

You need to find green points of each player. On next Gen you either green or miss for most part.


Youll find the window. Just keep shooting. Theres a different release point on next gen.

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I’ve noticed that. I guess practice will help

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It’s green or miss, whites don’t go in.

Learn the stick

You can green off timing and/or centre. So two chances to green lol.

It’s so op


Yeah, just have to hit up freestyle and learn those release points. I be splashing now. I went back to current gen to play a buddy last night for the first time in a couple of weeks, and the game felt ancient. Next gen is so much better.

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Players release and how good you’re with it is what makes or breaks for you. Don’t look so much at who is who, but rather who’s release you like and such.

This post makes me want to wait to buy next gen.

Next gen is so much better, even the controller vibrations. The vibrations and the button resistance on turbo make the game feel better

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I assure you that you don’t. The game is so much better. They’ve effectively eliminated most of the cheese.

I’m shooting with the button and no meter, and I don’t need to green to make every shot fwiw.


Whites will go in too but it’s mostly green or bust

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Like define how OP this stick is. Like are you winning every game? I can’t get the stick to work online square is around 60-65% for me which is extremely low but seems to be the ceiling.

It’s opposite for me. Current Gen I suck at shooting.

I’m chicken on Next Gen

I mean it’s exactly how I described. You get TWO CHANCES to green. Not 1.

My lock in is basically shooting with button. But also have the option to centre it.

Button just gives you one option to green. If you out here trying to run stick and not actually putting lab time and practicing it ain’t worth it. But once you get it it’s op as fuck. It’s opened up a huge bag for me in terms of dribble step backs and gathers. Hof sniper is an OP badge

Also i play a lot of scrims. So Im not playing much mtu.

I think mtu records is the worst way to judge skill imagineable. I can cheese my record and go 68-0 by matching up consoles and just say I’m amazing. Like it’s not a good way to judge someones skill.

It is a good place to practice shot stick tho.

Don’t expect to play one game and you instantly start making shots

You HAVE to lab it.


The shit timing is so quick and the thing moves on every pull down that I don’t see how one could become consistent with the timing aspect of it.

Sniper seems to not work at all for me. Like I’ll have it right in the line and it still won’t green. I clearly am missing something

I can’t shoot on nextgen either cuz i have a ps4 pro :pensive:


Lol, this is exactly how it should be. Current gen shooting is so easy with 90+ rated shooters, it’s a joke.

Makes defending 5 out so much more bearable.